Want a More Interesting Vacation, Do This

When you visit Yogyakarta, you will find various nature-based attractions. Offering an opportunity to be closer to the Family Outdoor Activity. Among the many choices, of course visiting a tourist village is the best choice.

In Yogyakarta alone there are dozens of tourist villages. They offer a rural concept with all activities. Starting from farming, playing in the river, doing the craft of the local community to the arts that grow well

All of that would be a very interesting entertainment. If we have been able to live in the city or capital. Familiar with gadgets and electronic media, but during a trip to the village, all of it will be a memorable experience.

Among the many tourism villages for me personally Pentingsari Tourism Village in Sleman can be the main choice. They are used to receiving quite a lot of guests. Not only that, their guests also come from abroad.

The response is quite good, of course, if from one tourist who arrives then returns to the origin then refers to another friend. In this tourist village you can learn to grow crops to bathe in a river where the water is so clear.

One experience that is definitely not likely to be felt by urban communities. At night they can play in the middle of the field with the moon.

It becomes important for those of you who want a holiday with the feel of a family adventure. Should be considered more because there could be those who are still children or elderly.

It's not fair if a vacation only becomes a vacation in the real sense only for those who are adults. Meanwhile, the others seemed to only be a complement.

With good planning, you can be sure that your vacation will be more memorable. Then there is a family member who will be satisfied that they have a new experience.

Once again in Yogyakarta itself there is not only Pentingsari Tourism Village. But there are still dozens of tourist villages that can be chosen as desired.

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